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Mental Health Counseling

While individuals with extreme depression and anxiety often find relief when working with a skilled mental health professional, EVERYONE could benefit from working with a trained professional who is able to help you:

  • Build self-esteem

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Strengthen coping mechanisms

  • Improve social and community functioning


Supportive psychotherapy helps patients deal with issues related to their mental health conditions which in turn affect the rest of their lives.

Our mental health clinicians specialize in:

  • Child/Adolescents

  • Trauma

  • Victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

  • Pornography Addictions

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Feelings of hopelessness and defeat

  • Suicide Ideation

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Group Therapy


Being in a group fosters the development of communication abilities, social skills, and can also help individuals be more able to learn to accept criticism from others. Groups can act as a support network and a sounding board. Other members of the group can often help you come up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge, and help hold you accountable along the way.

  • Groups can provide a safe space

  • You can learn from others who have similar struggles

  • Group therapy can give you a voice

  • Groups offer a sounding board

  • Groups promote social skills

  • Groups cost less than individual therapy

  • Groups can help you grow

Integrated Mental Health and Wellness Services

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Marriage and Family Therapy

Benefits of counseling vary from family to family, but they can include:

  • Developing healthy boundaries

  • Improving communication

  • Defining someone’s role within the family

  • Improving family dynamics and relationships

  • Providing strength and coping tools for family members

  • Addressing dysfunctional interactions

  • Improving the family’s problem-solving abilities

Our therapists can help families/couples struggling with:

  • Marital conflicts

  • Infertility

  • Grief that impacts any family member

  • Depression and anxiety issues

  • Childhood and adolescent behavioral problems

  • Identity and LGBTQ issues

  • Substance abuse issues

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Mountain Ridge

Medication Management with the RIGHT Provider MATTERS!

Far too often, patients submit to a life they don't deserve because of a mismanagement of medication.  Working with an APRN to ensure that your psychiatric medications are effective and safe can be critical to your quality of care. Our team of medical professionals look at you individually to create unique to you treatment plans...this could be the difference between simply surviving or thriving in your own life

Some patients experience health complications despite taking the right medications in the right doses. However, in many cases, incorrect dosage and simple unintentional mistakes are what renders psychiatric therapy ineffective.  In other words, seeking out psychiatric professionals who can manage medication can be more effective that well intended general practitioners. 

This IS our provider's focus and expertise and it can make all the difference.


Managing a patient’s therapy and medication plan in tandem, tracking a person’s meds intake not only ensures a patient takes meds consistently but also reduces complications arising from habitually misusing medication.

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Initial Evaluation

Medication management is a level of outpatient treatment that involves an initial evaluation of the patient’s potential need for psychotropic medications.  

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Provision of Prescription 

The allocation of a prescription, and ongoing medical monitoring related to the patient’s use of the psychotropic medication by a qualified physician/prescriber.

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Continual Communication and Medication Monitoring

Our medical mental health providers are highly trained in monitoring, reconciling, and overseeing the patient's medications and doing what is necessary to ensure the patient receives their desired outcome.  

*Telehealth and in person appointments available


While we are excited about our Cedar City IV services, sometimes truly KNOWING where your body is deficient is key to achieving your overall health and wellness you can

Contact Us and find out how

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Muddy Beach

Preventative Medicine

What is DBT?

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy tries to identify and change negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes.

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